Making Open Source Sustainable

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Saptak Sengupta

ICT Seminar Hall 1

Oct 28, 2018

02:30 PM, 60 minutes

Talk description (Track One)

Open Source Software and Open Source contributors provide for a massive percentage of today's softwares and web and other technical ecosystems. It provides a freedom and global way of contributing to make things better. However, Open Source contributions are mostly driven by intrinsic motivations. This often leads to burn out due to lack of sustainability. Gitcoin provides a solution to help all the wonderful Open Source contributors earn by doing what they do best. Gitcoin is a bountying platform which helps bounty open source issues which now the contributors can work on and also earn and sustain themselves.

About the speaker

Saptak Sengupta is a contributor and maintainer of various open source projects. FOSSASIA, jQuery, Freedom of the Press Foundation and Gitcoin are few organizations under his belt. He is currently working as a Software Developer at Gitcoin. He is also associated with programs like Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In, and Rails Girls Summer of Code as a mentor/supervisor. As an open-source evangelist, he also likes to help out people with programming in general. His core area of dabbling is JavaScript and Python. He has previously given talks in FOSSASIA Summit, FOSSMeet, DevConf India, PyCon India Devsprint and other local meetups.