Reinforcement Learning

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Surya Dantuluri

ICT Seminar Hall 2

Oct 28, 2018

10:45 AM, 60 minutes

Talk description (Track Two)

In this talk, Surya will give a background of Reinforcement Learning so that the audience has a basic understanding of the same. This will be followed by the uses and applications of Reinforcement Learning and an introduction to OpenAI Gym. Surya will also talk about the current reaseach opportunities in Reinforcement Learning.

About the speaker

Surya is a high schooler from Silicon Valley, California. He has had experience with Machine Learning, Computer Vision and has published a paper titled 'Rapid Autonomous Car Control based on Spatial and Temporal Visual Cues'. He has previously spoken at HAILCon, where he was selected to present on Generative Adversarial Networks, their implementations, variations, and fundamental concepts to understand what they are.